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Two cute dogs, Bella the Westie and Ollie the Papillon, show you how to be happy and bring happiness wherever you are, by following their paw steps with their friends and family.
You will see them having fun, relaxing, following their dreams and giving all their love. They will give you tips on finding and spreading happiness and inspirational quotations.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Look who's looking after Mum's dolls !

I am looking after Mum's dolls while she is knitting and sewing some clothes for them.

Ollie, can you please come and help me, I have too many to look after on my own !

I'm coming Bella !

Thanks Ollie, Can you look after the little ones, they are tired !

All right Bella,. I will take them for a stroll in their beautiful pram.

What a beautiful family Mum has, it's keeping her busy, and us too.

The family went to see the beautiful birds of Sherbrooke Forest (Dandenong ranges, Australia)

They are very friendly and not at all shy (if you have some seeds to give to them...)

This is a beautiful king parrot

...and a Rosella

Dad published an article on MyFrenchLife on a French new year's tradition, it's quite funny !

Take care my friends and have a great week-end !

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year !!!

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration with our family, and we hope yours was great too.

Here we are with our beautiful sisters

Our lovely Mum and our sister

Our Dad and our sister

Mom and Dad made the thirteen desserts, which is a Tradition from Provence in France - read more about it here and get the recipe for delicious calissons here

For the new year, like most dogs, we don't like the noise of fireworks, but Dad found a way to enjoy a beautiful light show in silence. Do you know how he did it ? He took photos of the beautiful decorated houses while moving his camera and zooming to get these special effects :

We have not written many blog posts lately or visited our friends' blogs and there are two reasons for this :
The first one is that our brother was bullied at school because he was in our blog; Some school children made fun of him and picked on him when they found him in our blog by searching for his name. This made us sad because this is a blog about happiness and we didn't want anyone to be hurt because of that. So we will not put his name or photo any more in the blog.
The second reason is that our Mom and Dad were very busy promoting their book "Dear France, sweet country of our childhood". They also have a blog www.dearfrance.net - they have done some book signings and our Mom made some beautiful cards and bookmarks that you can see (and buy) on their blog. Here is a sample :

Best wishes of joy, health and happiness to all our friends for the new year !
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