A to Z Guide to Happiness

Two cute dogs, Bella the Westie and Ollie the Papillon, show you how to be happy and bring happiness wherever you are, by following their paw steps with their friends and family.
You will see them having fun, relaxing, following their dreams and giving all their love. They will give you tips on finding and spreading happiness and inspirational quotations.

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The story of the blog

We believe that we can all make the world a better place by sharing our love and happiness, each of us in our own special way, one step at a time, with thoughts, prayers, words and actions. It's as simple as a smile !
"It is not the magnitude of our actions, but the amount of love that is put into them that matters" - Mother Teresa.
Dogs can show us the way, with their live-in-the-present attitude, playfulness, affection, courage and unconditional love.
We love our little Westie Bella and we want to share the love and happiness she brings us with the rest of the world.
If this blog can bring you a smile, warm your heart or lighten up your day, then it makes us happy, and if it helps you to spread your happiness around you, that's even better !
If you want to share your own experience, thoughts or prayers, then contact us. We also love photos that reflect the beauty of the world we live in; you don't have to be an expert photographer, just open your eyes and let your heart guide you...

The story so far...

Once upon a time there was a family who lived in Cheltenham, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria's capital in Australia; there was Mum Isabella, Dad Pascal, their three children Amelie, Anais and Matthew and Charlie the cockatiel.
They had moved from France to Australia to find a better life and be closer to Pascal's parents, sister and aunty.
But something was missing in this happy home...a dog.
So one day they went to Traralgon, in country Victoria and adopted a little Westie puppy that the breeder had named Bella; a beautiful name that they did not want to change, even though it was so close to Isabella.

Bella was happy in this new family and everyone loved her, cuddled her and played with her.
One day, Isabella was packing some baby clothes that she had kept and tried one on Bella; Pascal, who loves photography, took a photo.

Isabella, who loves shopping in opportunity shops where she finds books, clothes and materials for her craft found more outfits for Bella and Pascal took more photos. They found that Bella was very patient, loved all the attention she was getting and especially the treats !
When they saw the movie "Julie and Julia", it gave them an idea, why don't we start a blog ?
And this was the first entry of Bella's blog :

I'd love to be an artist, so mum got me everything I need and I'm ready to start ! She's an artist herself, so she's going to teach me. I'll put all my artwork on my blog so you can all have a look.
What do you think I should paint ? Cats are nice (my mum made a really nice drawing with some cats), but it's going to be hard to get them to pose for me, every time they see me they run away, but all I want to do is play with them ! 

All the family was looking forward to reading the next instalments of the blog (the first thing they were doing when coming back from a trip was to check Bella’s blog !) and when Bella started making friends from all over the world, what joy !
But the greatest joy was to find that Bella was making her friends smile, laugh and be happy, it's the best reason for making this blog...
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