A to Z Guide to Happiness

Two cute dogs, Bella the Westie and Ollie the Papillon, show you how to be happy and bring happiness wherever you are, by following their paw steps with their friends and family.
You will see them having fun, relaxing, following their dreams and giving all their love. They will give you tips on finding and spreading happiness and inspirational quotations.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Great Christmas Gift Idea

Looking for a great gift for your loved ones who love dogs?
How about a copy of our book "A to Z Guide to Happiness: A gift from dogs to their owners (and everyone else)". It has over a hundred hilarious and cute photos of dogs showing  humans how to be happy, from believing in Angels to being Zany, and beautiful quotations from human happiness masters.
You can enter a giveaway for a free copy here, but if you're not lucky you can  get it on Amazon.
You could also order cards, mugs, T-shirts, pillows or iphone cases with this photo (and others) here.

Take care my friends and have a great week !


Unknown said...

Such a cute gifts for the holiday!!! And you look so nice in this pictures!!! Wishing you the best holidays this year as well!!!

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