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Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm back from my wonderful holidays !

When Dad started packing the car, I made sure he didn't leave me behind !
"Don't be silly Bella, when have we ever left you behind ?", said Dad - well you can never be too sure...

I slept all the way , and I was really glad to arrive at our favorite holiday place, Rosella Cottage.

It's in Hall's Gap, in the Grampians National Park. Mum said there are also some mountains called Grampians in Scotland - it doesn't surprise me, so many good things come from Scotland !

We often went for walks at lake Bellfield which is near the cottage - here I am with Anais :

We saw plenty of Kangaroos on our walks, but when I said hello to them, they would hop away, what a shame, I would have loved to play with them...

I must say that it's a wonderful place to rest and relax, which we all did plenty of !

There were lots of Rosellas at the cottage of course :

But also cockatoos - they would come in the morning and afternoon and wait for Mum and Dad to give them some seeds or bread (and I would pick up any bread that fell on the ground !)

Mum and Dad went to Halls Gap Zoo - they love it and go there every time we come to Rosella cottage (I wish I could come with them). They were very lucky to see some alpacas being shorn, because it's only done once a year - Dad said I look like a little alpaca, so he could use my fur to make a scarf, and then he said "Bella, don't be afraid, I was only joking !" - what a relief !

Here's what he looks like after, with his friend waiting for his turn :


So the next day, they went to Blue Moon Alpaca farm :

They bought a scarf and some hats made with alpaca wool ;I tried one on, it looks really nice and the wool is so light and soft; Dad said he got a scarf there last year and it kept him warm all winter. If you're interested, let me know because Steve (the owner of the farm) said he can ship scarves, hats and doonas anywhere in the world :

One day on a walk we saw some emus, they're very big and I was a bit scared :

Dad loves taking photos and he said I am a good photographer's dog because I am very patient when he takes a long time to take his photos; well I'm glad to be able to contribute :

What a wonderful time we had there, I can't wait to go back !


Martha said...

Hi Bella
Welcome home! What a lovely holiday you had - you are right about the Grampian mountains being in Scotland. We could tell from your sunshine however that you were nowhere near Scotland.
Those pictures are amazing - we loved the cockatoos. So colourful. We also loved the pic of the thistle. Those were very good pics with great clarity and colour - of course we just loved the one with you with your little hat and scarf on - too cute!
Martha & Bailey xxx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful holiday!!!!Thank you for sharing this happy time with us !!!!
Auntie Mimi + family xxxxxxx

Hamish Westie said...

Hi Bella
Welcome home. Well I never knew that they had Grampians in Australia too. You must have felt right at home there. Our Grampians are covered in snow at the moment, so I think your ones are better to visit just at the moment.
Cheers, H.

ScrapsofMe said...

Hi Bella, it sure looks like you had a grand vacation! You look so adventersome in your alpaca hat and scraf. Isn't it great when your peeps take you along on their trips? I'm so glad you had a wonderful time!
peeseess...love the thistle photo!

Diana Chiew said...

That was really a wonderful holiday you had!! Very nice pictures too, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to go there in february!.....Belle will have a great time and us too!...
Auntie Mimi xxxxoooo

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