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Friday, January 22, 2010

My friend Charlie

Let me introduce to you my good friend Charlie the Cockatiel; he's been complaining that he doesn't have a blog, but he's such a small bird, he can't go on all the adventures that I've been on, it's too dangerous: there are cats and foxes out there who could hurt him, so I'd have to protect him ! I told Dad he could put some photos of him on my blog.

You know I'm so glad to have this blog because I've made so many friends. Please have a look at my friends' blogs : there's Hamish, Martha and Bailey, Jazzi, Bonnie, Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java, Minnie and Santa, they all have a lot of fun and many adventures too.


Martha said...

Hi Bella, thank you so much for the plug! We are glad you have your blog and delighted to meet Charlie.
We reckon he could still have a blog and adventures.
Our friend Bae Bae is just a small hamster and never leaves home but still has lots of adventures.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx
ps we reckon you sitting on top of Charlie's house is a bit of an adventure - from his point of view!

briansworld said...

So adorable you are, guarding your bird friend.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely .loving,caring,friendship !!! ...
Auntie Mimi who also looks after Charlie when his Mum Anais is away !!!

Diana Chiew said...

Hey Bella, we are so glad to be your friends. We love to follow you on your adventures and love to see how you dress up.

Nice meeting Charlie. Please say "hello" to Charlie for us.

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