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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time to rest

After all my exciting adventures, sometimes I need a bit of rest; let me show you some of my favourite places to have a rest.

This is the sofa; it's quite comfortable :

It's also a good place to watch what's happening in the street and let the whole family know when a cat, a dog or a human is walking past the house, but I can't understand why they don't appreciate me raising the alarm !

This is my bed, also very comfortable; it's also a good place to store my toys, I like Eeyore so much that Mum got me 5 of them !

This is my personal armchair, so I complain every time someone sits on it, but Mum said it was actually a present she got for Dad !


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

WOOF!! You really look like you have wonderful places to catch a snooze.

The Rocky Creek Baker's Dozen

briansworld said...

It's too bad you live such a hard life, Bella, with only five eyores, and a few places to lie down and just a couple of outfits. Poor neglected Bella.
Once again, your sunny smile has brightened my day! I could just eat you up in that picture of you on your bed.

Martha said...

A girl has to have somewhere to lay her head! You are looking as adorable as ever. We liked your Eeyore - you have five of them!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xx

ScrapsofMe said...

I like your beauty sleepy spots....all us girlies need a variety of sleepy spots so our furs don't get smushed on one side.

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