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Monday, November 30, 2009

Jambo !

Mum often talks about Africa, I'd love to go there and play with all the animals in the jungle; Dad says the lion is king of the jungle and would probably eat me, but I think lions are so nice, they're like big cats and I love cats. So I think I could be queen of the jungle, don't you agree ?

In Africa, Mum says there are big markets where you find all sorts of food, colourful clothes and crafts, I'd love to go there and buy lots of things !

Dad found me some really nice African names : Alake (One to be cuddled), Isoke (Good gift from the Lord- it's like my brother Matthew, his name means gift from God) and Makena (Happy one).


Hamish Westie said...

Hi Bella
Those animals look really scary. I think you should avoid lions at all costs. I mean, I was once given a nose bleed by a cat that was even smaller than me (or you). Heaven knows what sort of damage a lion could do!
But I must say you look super-cute in that Africa gown. One gets so tired of seeing us Westies dressed in tartan!
Cheers, H.

Oreo said...

Bella, Yep I would say that you could be a queen!!! And no one would mess with you!! not even those lions~~you would have them eating out of your paws!!!


Anonymous said...

I would love to travel to Africa with you dear Bella Queen of the jungle !!!

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