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Monday, November 9, 2009

Birthday celebration !

Today was my brother Matthew's birthday so we had a party. I got him a nice present : some little things called "gogo crazy bones" you can see them on the photo, but he won't let me play with him, he's afraid I'll swallow them - I thought bones were for doggies ! I couldn't have any cake because it has chocolate, it's not fair !

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ScrapsofMe said...

Hi Bella the Westie! This is Bonnie the wee Scottie from Florida, USA! Thanks for stopping by my bloggie. We look a LOT alike, except my schnoz is way longer and your ears are a bit shorter and further apart. We both seem to be well loved by our peeps. I live near the beach and it looks like you do too. You are very pretty in your dress up stuff, love the beach kit up, but not so much the sun screen. Isn't Hamish the cutest thing? He is such a gentleman too. I am feeling much better by now Puffy is not so hot. Puffy is my ancient set brother, he's a metro sexual malti-poo.
Hope to see you soon!
Sniffies all around,

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