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Monday, August 30, 2010

A tale of a new slippers, a lovely Dachshund and a dog loving pajama designer...

The new slippers
Mum bought herself some really nice slippers; they have little bones, and they have "Woof Woof" written on the inside.

A lovely Dachshund
But not only that, guess what ? she found me a Dachshund soft toy - she loves Dachshunds and had been looking for one for a long time ! I also collect doggie soft toys -  I showed you my collection a while ago so I will need to show it to you again with all the new ones, but I'll wait until Mum gets the boxer which was in the window display of the shop she got the slippers from (she'll get it when they change the window display).

A dog loving pajama designer
See the lovely Dachshund on the bag ? Her name is Penelope, she was the beloved dog of Peter Alexander, and although she crossed the rainbow bridge 5 years ago, she is still the mascot of the Peter Alexander brand.
Peter Alexander is a pajama designer and retailer who loves dogs and is a huge supporter of animal welfare organisations such as the RPCA - last year he designed pajamas with Katherine Heigl to raise money for dog shelters. He now has a purebred Dachshund called Betty and a Dachshund Sheltie cross called Butch, who came from the RSPCA.

So Mr Alexander, we have two requests :
1. As you can see we love pajamas, we think you should design pajamas for dogs
2. We would love you to come to our next pajama party - have a look at the last pajama party to see what we got up to !

Amelie thanks all of you who have sent wishes for her recovery - she is much better now, but it's my other sister Anais' turn to have the bronchitis....

Many of you have said you would send me a post card to add to my collection; thanks in advance, here's my address as I didn't put it in the last post :
Bella and Ollie
PO Box 2604
Cheltenham 3192

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